Being Positive is a Discipline & The Most Important Workout

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positive_4fBeing totally positive all the time is not necessarily normal for most people, and yet maintaining a positive outlook on life is healthier for all people.

So how can you help yourself maintain a positive outlook on life even when things are not going your way?

Here are a few tips for how to take a self-inventory of your emotions and pinpoint what’s keeping you from a sunny outlook:

1) First, listen carefully to your body. Hear the message. When you start to feel negative, take note of the emotions surrounding your state of being: Are you sad? Depressed? Tired? Angry?

2) Now, take note of what need you feel is being unmet. Is it something physical, mental, or emotional?

3) The next step is to clearly write down what is going on inside and be honest with yourself – keeping a positive outlook is a special kind of discipline, and steering clear of negative triggers takes work.

4) Once you know what the hurdles are, then you can commit yourself to take steps to fulfill that need as in a healthy way.

5) And finally, give yourself a pat on the back; you are on track to move forward in a positive state.

6) Repeat as often as necessary — even small steps forward advance you in your goals!

You gain emotional control not by blocking, denying, or covering up negative feelings, but by acknowledging them and then moving on, rather than dwelling on the negatives, which ultimately are just distractions.

How does this work in your life?

Let’s say you want a baby, so you begin trying.

Then you get your period.

You go to the doctor and discuss options to assist with your fertility.

You continue trying.

But you keep getting your period.

You are angry and sad… So you think hard about what you can do.

You focus on staying positive, and take action.

Call your doctor, and plan a new treatment cycle.

Go for a workout — a walk, ride, swim or whatever you enjoy to get moving –and let the anger be released in your sweat!

Relax after the workout, and be proud that you took care of your self and your health.

Focus on the knowledge that you were proactive rather than reactive.

Don’t dwell in the sadness. Count your blessings by making a list of things you are grateful for — all that you have and the things that really are in your control.

Now you can stop thinking about what you don’t have… yet.

Tomorrow is always a new day…. And next month is a new month!

Staying positive is a discipline, but it’s the best workout you can engage with to support your emotional health and well-being on your path to achieve your dreams.

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