Forget Middle School PE — Join the Fun Fitness Revolution!

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Middleschool_sad_womanWhen you think of physical activity, what do you think of first?

For many of us, old associations like middle school PE class immediately come to mind. From stripping into gym clothes in the sweaty, smelly locker room to the awkwardness of changing in front of other students, those early, formative experiences can leave their mark. Perhaps you were compared to others because you couldn’t run as fast, jump as high, or score for your team. And maybe over time you began to avoid physical activity rather than fail or perform at a level comparatively lower than that of your peers.

We are all taught at a young age to play to our strength. So just as a good English student gradually takes more and more Humanities classes to pursue her interests while avoiding Science and Math classes many who weren’t natural athletes left physical activity behind when there was no longer a school PE requirement.  And after high school or college ended walking to classes across campus was no longer part of the day so even incidental exercise fell off, too. While it’s easy to see why things shift, the better question is how can we overcome these deep-rooted feelings on the path to better health through fitness?

It starts by recognizing that avoidance is not truly sustainable over time. Just as the writer can’t skip past using basic math in daily life, and a scientist can’t really avoid writing, everyone must find a way to get fit in order to lead a happy and healthy life. And the longer we avoid exercise, the less healthy we are. It’s not even about how much you weigh; it’s about recognizing the importance of muscle and healthy cardiovascular function. These are key for leading a long and healthy life.

So does this mean we must reenter the grown-up world of PE and join a gym? Absolutely not – if you have bad memories with exercising in a formulaic, group situation, then it will be impossible for you to enjoy what you’re doing. And finding the joy in working out is the best way to sustain your fitness commitment.

Luckily, many of today’s fitness clubs recognize that the old “gym rat” mentality is often a turn-off and are expanding their offerings.  A recent New York Times article described a growing trend in gyms to do away with old weight lifting machinery to instead create “play spaces.” This includes jumping rope, moving sandbags, climbing ladders and ropes. New equipment encourages people to push, pull, squat and move all their muscles. While the old individual weight machines work one muscle group at a time, newer exercise routines encourage more global movements. And nowadays, there are also a ton of different options, from fitness camps and centers, and it’s easy to find classes to suit any desire – from cardioboxing to yoga stretching, step class to Zumba dancing, and more!

Your goal is to move, whatever way feels best to you.  At Fun Fitness 4 Fertility, we provide an upbeat, supportive environment to help get you in the habit of MOVING.  We use music, kettle bells (weights to build strength and endurance), ladders, and ropes, rather than weight machines. And you have your choice to workout in a group and have a blast with others OR you can chose to have a private session if you don’t love a group setting. And take the pressure off: there’s no grade at Fun Fitness 4 Fertility — if you love what we do together, it can become your regular practice. Alternatively, this may just be the first baby step; this will get you back in shape to tackle any other activity of your choosing.

So leave middle school PE in the past, where it belongs, and come move with us!

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