From Halloween through the Holidays: Eat Healthy – October #Unprocessed

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october-unprocessed-2013Not to scare you, but Halloween is the kick-off for the least healthy season of the year. From the avalanche of Fright Night candy, to the bounty of indulgences on Thanksgiving, and onward to the holiday season and all of its fattening festivities, it’s one temptation after the next.

Beyond the holidays, as the weather cools, we often reach for comfort foods and slow down on outdoor physical activity.

With all this in mind and for the fourth year in a row, food blogger and critic Andrew Wilder of “Eating Rules” is challenging Americans to change their eating habits to only consume unprocessed foods this month.

Whether you started at the beginning of October or join today, it’s a challenge well worth taking.

Wilder’s three eating rules are simple, yet profoundly helpful in the journey to better health:

1) If you eat grains, eat only 100% whole grains.

2) Avoid high fructose corn syrup.

3) Don’t eat hydrogenated oils, trans fats, or anything that’s been deep-fried.

Wilder takes these basic rules a step further with his challenge October #Unprocessed. Are you game?

The best way to avoid processed foods is to cook using recipes that include basic, pure ingredients found in your kitchen. When grocery shopping, be vigilant about checking the labels of the foods – particularly on those items that you usually buy. The rule of thumb is if there are ingredients that you have never heard of and/or can’t pronounce, chances are those ingredients are processed chemicals.

If you often eat prepared meals, head to the salad bar at your favorite supermarket. (Watch the salad dressings as they may be processed!) For quick and easy breakfasts, try real eggs or nut butters (peanut, almond) on apples or toast. Organic oatmeal or homemade granola are also good choices for breakfast. If you love eating a bar in the morning or for a snack, grab a healthy one like a Larabar. Speaking of snacks, a great midday pick-me-up is a fresh squeezed juice or all-fruit smoothie. And dinners can be as simple and quick as sautéed vegetables, potatoes or rice (brown, preferably), and chicken, fish or steak. If you want to indulge in a beer or a glass of wine – go ahead. Those are both unprocessed options!

When you eat out, be sure to ask what ingredients are used to prepare the food that you’re planning to order. Not only does this help you make an informed choice, but you’ll also get an idea of the recipes used to make the great-tasting foods you enjoy from your favorite restaurants.

When you take Wilder’s challenge, you realize that everything you eat is a choice, and being conscious about what you consume is an important step towards being fit for fertility. A high fiber, low fat, lean diet with an abundance of fruits and vegetables and a splash of monounsaturated oils (i.e., olive, sesame, flaxseed) can make a profound change, including lowering inflammation in your body. All of this helps on your quest to become pregnant.

What you start in October can continue through the holidays and beyond!  So Join our team at Fitness for Fertility for the month of October and choose to eat only unprocessed foods.

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