Get Physically Fit For Pregnancy Using SMART Goals!

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4825953_sPhysical fitness may not be part of your every day routine, but you know it’s important to your health – AND if you are overweight, getting in shape can improve your chances of getting pregnant.

So how will you incorporate exercise into your routine?

Effective goal setting is the best way to make this important lifestyle change that will support a healthier you before conception and beyond. And if you set SMART goals, you’ll be on the road to success.

By the way, SMART isn’t just an adjective here; it’s an easy to remember acronym that tells you how best to set your goals:

SPECIFIC—Be specific when you define your goals, so you and everyone supporting you are clear on your mission.

MEASURABLE—Set quantifiable goals, as if what you are trying to achieve can’t be measured, it’s much harder to realize your accomplishments.

ATTAINABLE—Your goals should be challenging, but not extreme.

REALISTIC—You must truly believe that you can accomplish your goals.

TIMELY—Set a timeline with a specific date of completion, including milestones along the way.

Setting SMART goals allows you to create a clear action plan. And be sure to keep in mind the resources you’ll need, as well as what impediments may get in your way.

For instance: “I plan to reduce my body fat by 5% in 12 weeks,” is a SMART goal, whereas “I want to look better” is not. Likewise, saying, “I will be in better shape in three months,” is not a SMART goal, while stating, “I will be able to run three miles in 45 minutes or less, three months from today,” is a SMART goal.

Now that you know about setting SMART goals, next week we’ll help you strategize for your success.

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