It Takes a Team

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batonThere is no “me” in team – not even in individual sports. Athletes are most successful when they have supportive coaches, trainers, and family members.

There are many examples of how it really does take a team to achieve personal goals. In science, for example, Nobel laureates often credit their lab workers for their help with research. When you watch entertainment awards shows, like the Emmys®, you see how creating successful television shows require the teamwork of producers, directors, actors, editors, writers, and so many more.

Even in day-to-day life, it’s clear that children are set up for success when they are raised by loving families and with the support of good friends and caring teachers. Studies have shown that even one great mentor – for a team of two – can make the difference and help young people succeed even when the odds are stacked against them.

From my personal endeavors, I know firsthand the importance of building a team to ensure success. I spent 20 years as a runner, but never really improved my speed or distance until I joined “Team in Training” to accomplish my goal of finishing a triathlon and also a marathon.

In IVF labs physicians, nurses, embryologists, and others work as team to ensure proper gamete development and collection. It takes a village to support healthy embryo development and successful pregnancies.

As you can tell from all of these examples, I believe that it’s imperative for fertility patients on the path to pregnancy to build teams for themselves. Being fit for fertility is an important step toward reaching your goal of having (or expanding) your family. Many people try to tackle losing weight by themselves, only to find that without support and accountability, it’s nearly impossible to achieve wellness goals. By joining forces with others, you are much more likely to be successful in designing a healthier you.

While the backbone of any solid team includes supportive family and friends, it’s also important to add experts and coaches into the mix in order to integrate proven techniques and strategies for success. These knowledgeable individuals can help you tackle stumbling blocks that get in your way and help make sure that you cross the finish line and achieve your goals.

Join our team of Fun Fitness for Fertility sports trainers, dieticians, psychologists, doctors, and nurses and become a champion of your own health. We’re here to help you succeed in getting fit and preparing for fertility!

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