Our Pledge to You

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pledgeAs July 4th draws near, we’re thinking about our allegiance to the things that set you free: body, mind, and spirit.

With that in mind, here’s our pledge to you:

We are here to help you be more fertile in mind, body, and spirit; we want you to be fit to be fertile.

We encourage physical fitness because it’s a way to move your body and in doing so your energy increases, your muscles get bigger, your heart gets stronger, and some of the excess anxiety that may hinder your ability to get pregnant dissipates.

Tackling the goal of incorporating physical fitness into your life can be daunting. Finding the right time or the right exercise can be overwhelming, but life is in perpetual motion and is never stagnant.  We support you in riding the wave of change, and getting yourself immersed in the benefits of physical fitness.

We are always the sum of three: the person I was yesterday, the person I am today and the person I want to be tomorrow. Big changes rarely occur overnight but small transitions happen regularly. We help you focus on the baby steps (pun intended!) that will move you forward to accomplishing both your fitness goals and your dreams for your family.

If life is overwhelming or sad, don’t focus on the negatives. Don’t dwell on what isn’t going right today. Sometimes we don’t know how we can love life in the face of difficult situations. To battle these negative emotions, we suggest that you make a list of all that is right in your life. Your gratitude list should include all that’s going well, all the things with which you have had success, and also should emphasize what is working. The act of writing down what you are grateful for is an exercise that’s just as important to your wellbeing as any cardio or muscle building activity.

We will help you find those places that give you the desire and strength to move forward to your healthier self. When you devote just 30 minutes a day to an activity, you are taking care of you. Focusing on the positives will help propel you through the harder parts and put any stress in your life into perspective.

And we are always here for you when you are ready! We support you in your quest for parenthood.

This is our pledge to you – and Happy Independence Day!

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