Pearls of Wisdom About Fitness for Fertility

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oysterI recently took my son to college and listened to a number of professors and deans giving advice to the crop of new students that were embarking on a new stage of life.

The students were encouraged to move outside of their comfort zones of their lives prior to college.  An analogy to the oyster was made: all oysters have the innate ability to make a pearl, but not all oysters will make one. The pearl is made by a combination of factors, the first being the introduction of a grain of sand, which is an irritant. The oyster then combines simple calcium carbonate with organic compounds to make a nacre substance, which is the shell that encapsulates the sand and alleviates the irritation. This then becomes a beautiful and precious stone – the pearl. Each pearl is unique, despite the similarities of the sand particles. The lesson is that each student needs to tackle new experiences in order to create their own “pearls.”

How does this relate to fitness and fertility?

Not getting pregnant easily certainly is an irritant! You could focus on this, or you can make a conscious decision to use this uncomfortable situation to improve your health. You can choose your foods wisely and add exercise so that the combination of new foods and fitness training collectively improves your physical, mental, and emotional health.

In your approach to fitness training, it is a focused effort to move outside of your comfort zone to get stronger, faster, more flexible, and/or more calm. It you are used to walking, then it’s time for you to try jogging. If you are only doing cardio exercise, then you should add strength training. If you usually train on land, then consider hitting the water for swimming, water aerobics, or kayaking. If you’re used to a fast-paced class like Zumba, then you should try a relaxing yoga class to ground you and focus your thoughts.

Fitness for fertility is about teaching you how to incorporate exercise into your life in the right doses. It’s about supportive friends and mentors encouraging you to take the next step to getting healthier. Whether you are new to fitness or have been running for the last five years, we can always modify your exercise routine to ensure the proper balance and ultimate success. And while the main goal is for you to get pregnant, the process of pushing past what makes you uncomfortable yields the real pearl: a renewed, healthier you.

Contact us for more information on how these pearls of wisdom can help you on goal of fitness for fertility.

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