Strategize for Fitness Success on Your Path to Pregnancy

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fitness_successLast week you set SMART goals for yourself.  What can you do now to ensure your success?

We have a few suggestions that can help you achieve your goals:

1) Hire a Trainer: You may feel as if you can’t afford a someone to work with you one-on-one, but consider the expense of fertility treatments like IVF. Investing in a trainer is much less expensive and can pay off in spades with a healthier you!

2) Self-monitor: Stay on track with your SMART goals by keeping an exercise log. You’ll be able to see your progress and accomplishments, as well as patterns if you are not meeting your goals. Keeping a food journal is also helpful.

3) Positive Self-talk: Self-talk is the running commentary in your head, and it’s so subtle that you often don’t realize it’s there. Negative self-talk like, “There’s no way I can do this,” or “I’m too out of shape to get in shape,” can sabotage you. But positive self-talk is like having your own internal coach that gives you the courage, confidence, and motivation necessary to achieve your fitness goals.

4) Get Psyched: What helps you get motivated and stay motivated?
* Positive words/ affirmations: Find those key words and expressions that empower you and support reaching your goals.
* Music: Fill your iPod with music that makes you feel good and ready to move.
* Imagery: Visualize what you want and go there. If your goal is to lose 20 pounds, see yourself 20 pounds lighter, fitting into your old jeans and looking just as good now as you did then.
* Specific foods: Eat foods that make you feel energized, including those that are high in protein (i.e., turkey breast), vitamin rich (i.e., fruits and vegetables), made with complex whole grains (i.e., multigrain bread), and/or high in fiber (i.e., beans).
* Rewards: The right reward for sticking to your workout regime can be a great motivator, like a luxurious bubble bath, a manicure, or buying a new pair of shoes. Steer clear of using food as a reward.

5) Social Support: Ask a friend or family member to workout with you, exercise in a group setting, or join a team.  Working with others towards a common goal can keep you on track and working SMART to reach your goals.

All of these strategies support the most important factor in your success: perseverance.

Next week we’ll look at the barriers that can derail you, and put together how SMART goals and success strategies can help you breeze past them to a healthier you!

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