Swim. Bike. Run. Play!

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tina_tripicSwim. Bike. Run. Play! is the motto for the LA Tri Club.

Why does this a club like this add PLAY to their motto?

I was introduced to the sport of triathlon through Team in Training. Team in Training was one of the first organizations to train individuals to complete in endurance events (i.e., triathlons and marathons) in exchange for fundraising, which in their case is for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

Organizations like Team in Training are successful because they take challenging endurance sports that are hard to train for by yourself, and make the work manageable and even fun by pairing you with others on the same journey, as well as with supportive coaches. The explosion in organizations like Team in Training and in the number of individuals completing in endurance events in the last two decades is proof that team fitness works. And for this reason, it makes perfect sense that the LA Tri Club added, “Play” to its motto.

The sport of triathlon is uniquely a sport of individuals — running, swimming, and biking — yet clubs like the LA Tri Club convert it into a team endeavor. High school track and tennis teams do the same thing. Despite the nature of any sport, fitness is indeed more fun when done in a group setting. Play evokes memories of childhood and fun and stress-free times. Children play games, and teams play sports. Humans are social beings, so exercising in a group setting helps distract and alleviate an individual’s focus on the pain of a particularly tough workout. Friends can help push one and other to swim longer, ride faster, and run further. Teammates hold each other up when the going is rough, and together celebrate victories, both large and small.

Behaviorists teach us that if we combine a negative activity with another, more positive activity, then we are much more likely to follow through and finish the “negative” activity. Working out can be boring, painful, and time consuming — which are the kinds of excuses people often give for not doing more physically. If, however, you associate fitness with laughing, giggling, and being with friends, the workout becomes a social event. And after you train, you may enjoy playing with your new workout buddies!

At Fun Fitness for Fertility, we recognize how powerful working out together in a group can be – and it’s how we prefer to train in our own lives. Contact us today for more information about how we can help you prepare your body in a fun, effective, and playful way for the ultimate event – pregnancy and parenthood!

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