The Baby Steps of Choice

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apple vs sweetsHumans are autonomous beings. We are free to choose whether we live the same life day-to-day, or we can choose to make changes, one day at a time.

It’s a series of small choices – baby steps – that pave the way to transformation.

My goal may be to run a 7-minute mile, but I know that it’s not something I’ll achieve right away. First I have to consistently run a 9-minute mile, which is not an easy feat for me. And so, I have a choice: I can work towards my goal one step at a time, or I can give up and go home.

All around me, I see my friends making incredible choices all the time. Several of my friends have decided to run marathons.  The ones that have succeeded have approached the challenge in a similar way — first choosing to get help and support through proper coaching, and then by pushing themselves a little bit more, day-by-day, week-by-week.

It always inspires me to see how those choices and that commitment ultimately ends in the completion of a 26.2-mile marathon.

Now… are you ready to choose to be a healthier you? Here are a few steps to support making the best choice for you.

1) Set your goal. Try using SMART goals.

2) Realize that pursuing this goal is a choice. Listen to your inner voice and recognize you are making a choice:  Yes, you really want to do this! This is for you!

3) Design a plan. Work toward your goal so that each day brings you one step closer.

4) Keep a journal of your progress. This will help you hold yourself accountable for the choices you make.

5) Cut yourself some slack. If you deviate from the plan, don’t beat yourself up. Just recognize that you made the decision to take a break, and own it.  Then choose to get back on track.

6) Celebrate milestones along the way. This is key! We often choose to ignore the fact that we’ve made progress. But that’s the fuel we need to keep chugging on towards our goals. Celebrating success is also a great time to reconnect with mentors to get additional props AND support.

On the path to pregnancy, you set goals with the intent of making your dream of having a baby come true. It is a choice to prepare your body to be as healthy as possible for this exciting journey. And while getting in shape may be the ultimate goal, there are many choices along the way that keep you on track. Improving your diet, staying consistent with taking prenatal vitamins and supplements, and getting proper rest are also choices that support the endgame goal.

We support your choice to be fit for fertility!

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