Time Well Spent is Time Spent on You!

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timeTime controls you every day in incremental ways. Your alarm clock jolts you awake, parking meters limit the time you spend in any one place, and your watch, calendar, and phone serve as constant reminders of your schedule.

Time can bring relief, like when you break for lunch or get a check on “payday,” but it can also strangle you when it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day to do all of the things you want and need to get done. But ultimately, how you spend your time is your choice.

Lack of time is a frequent excuse I hear from many clients that tell me that they can’t “fit in” exercise. But for most, the problem is more about time management than about truly lacking time.

The other frequent excuse I hear is, “I’ll do it tomorrow.” When that is applied to health and fitness, it really doesn’t hold up. Putting off taking care of your body is literally a waste of time. Is your health and fitness really a secondary, unimportant goal? Do you really feel that taking care of yourself is less necessary than doing your laundry, tidying your house, or doing one more thing during your workday for a project without an imminent deadline?

The Sabbath is a day of rest to that gives you a chance to let go of demands on your time. Whether you are religious or not, the concept of making time each week to regroup, recharge, and reflect is well worth incorporating into your life.

Exercise can be like a mini Sabbath that allows you to take a break from your routine, which can help you gain clarity in many ways. When you move your muscles, you get stronger. Taking deep breaths improves heart and lung function and adds extra time to your life – just 30 minutes a day cuts cardiovascular mortality in half. And the shift in focus, not to mention added oxygen, gives your brain a chance to refocus, too.

In Hebrew, “Neshama” is the word for soul and can also be translated as, “breath.” Breathing hard with exercise restores the soul. Being healthy and fit can make you more efficient at work so you actually get more done. And a good workout can lift your mood (and can be as effective as mood elevating drugs such as Prozac and Zoloft!).

Making the time to breathe life into your body with exercise is never a waste of time. You can squeeze in 15 minutes in the morning to stretch before you shower, or 15 minutes to walk after lunch. At the end of the day you can you walk around the block for another 15 minutes.. The point is there is always time to spend on being healthier – you just have to make it.

Exercise celebrates putting good health and positive well-being at the top of your “to do” list and is a profound way to take control over your destiny and your life.

Time is not an excuse; it is at your service and yours to control.  Being fit for fertility means that your clock is always set to being healthy so that ultimately your time will be spent doing what you truly desire: parenting your child(ren).

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